Welcome to Astrolabe Online!
astrolabe 3

Before I explain this project, I want to make a little confession. I don’t know how this project will become nor where it will go. I just had this idea for a long time and finally decided to share it and make it happen.

I am open on how it will roll out and I am hopeful that the adjustments and answers will come along the way.

How Astrolabe Online born?

In order to answer that question, I will share my personal experience. Almost all my life I’ve been searching ways to be helpful to others. I studied Medicine in order to be able to heal,  then I switched to Psychology, mostly searching the same purpose but in a different way.

Since then, I’ve been worked in Non Profits, government and corporations trying to fulfill my desire to be useful and contribute to make workplaces, more fair, more friendly and funnier. Nevertheless if you ask me if I’ve been truthful and consistent in my original endeavor,  the answer will be,  for the most of the time, NO.

And there are many reasons. I’ve been trapped in politics and bureaucracy. I had a negligent or abusive supervisor, and many others. But most of all, I’ve been paralyzed with fear and confusion. Been too scared to resign and confused on what to do next. I still sometimes feel the same.

Nobody wants to confess this kind of things.

In the surface everyone wants to look consequent and determined. In control.  Nobody want to really express that they feel miserable at work. Or they really don’t know what to do. Or that they find that great job, because they were lucky. Or that they really hate their well paid and prestigious corporate job

They will look vulnerable and weak. And it wont make sense.

I strongly believe that almost EVERYBODY has feel that way. Maybe many are feeling that right now.

We are bombed everyday, with gurus, who try to give us formulas for a successful life. Many of them, came with epic stories about how they start their own company or how they discover their most deeper truth.

I don’t believe on any of that. I don’t even believe that we will find a perfect job, or a perfect situation. Every situation will have opportunities and challenges.

Nevertheless I do believe that our careers and life could be better. We are in permanent construction.

Our power is on how to learn better and cope with all the demands that came from outside and manage all our anxieties and fears that came from inside.

I believe that if we apply to ourselves consistently, we will arrive to a better place where we will feel more satisfaction and living a more purposeful life.

What is Astrolabe Online?

An astrolabe in an ancient instrument which serve to navigate through oceans, following the stars.  An ancient mariner identify a star, and then the astrolabe measure its angle and determine the altitude of the star on the sky.  Using a representation of the stars the astrolabe will identify the latitude where the ship is navigating.

Astrolabe Online is a platform that will help you to identify your purpose and where are you in this moment of your career.

It will provide you with self-knowledge tools, to identify:

Your Skills, Your Challenges, and Your Passions.

In addition, it will help you to understand realistically the market (or sea) where you are, and be realistic but at the same time optimistic.

But most importantly, Astrolabe will help you to cope (navigate) when you feel confused, hopeless and fearful.



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